About TEFO

About Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum


Founded in 2002, Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum (TEFO) serves as a platform to participants who commit to the development of education and culture so as to enhance the development of educational drama/theatre in response to the call from local educators and drama education practitioners. As the only member of The International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) of the region, TEFO represents Hong Kong to disseminate local practices internationally. Since 2008/2009, TEFO became a registered charity and is financially supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. TEFO eventually became a two-year grant recipients (Drama) in 2016.

TEFO believes that education and the arts have a lot in common and can work together to exert an influential betterment for individuals and the society. Through Promotion, Advocacy, Connection and Networking, Research and Development, we advance drama education in various fields.

In recent years, TEFO has organized a number of seminars, video sharing sessions, international conferences, overseas study tours which altogether serve as the platform for dissemination of practice and experience. Also, TEFO also plays a crucial role in documenting local experience through the publication of the sector's only professional journal and magazine in Hong Kong. This is vital to the promotion and development of the practice of drama/theatre education.

On the other hand, TEFO actively promotes pilot programmes such as the "Heritage Theatre" production series, which investigated the probability of the utilization of applied theatre in local history and heritage protection. Such programmes serve as an important reference of practical experience for the field. TEFO also organizes international and local applied theatre conference, such as "plAnting ideAs in Asian Cities: Drama Education Conference 2005", "World Congress of International Drama / Theater and Education Association" (IDEA 2007), "World Conference 2009 on Drama and Education in Chinese Communities", and "TEFO Drama Education Conference 2015". Through such platform, professional research output and practical experience of Applied Theatre/Drama Education from both Hong Kong and Worldwide can be shared and promoted, fostering the exchange of information through dialogues to exert mutual betterment.




Promoting the development of applied theatre/drama education is the mission of TEFO. Through agglomeration of practitioners and subsequently supporting them to serve as a reflexive learning community, we aim at fostering the professional growth of the applied theatre/drama education in various sector. As a professional platform, TEFO strengthens and encourage the sector to conduct theoretical and practical research and also promotes local and international dialogues of the sector. TEFO also encourage general public to participate in various form of applied theatre/drama education activities. Through such artistic practices, we hope to nurture an interest towards drama and theatre among general public. As such, we hope to empower both practitioners and participants with theatre art and co-construct a society valuing humanities.